Collection 09. SS23.


Collection 09 covers the spring and summer of 2023 and builds on the classic Sunflower ethos and styling. The overall theme, as always, is that there is no theme. The main story is the product and the quality of the fabrics used in muted tones and bright accents. This spring, we introduce a few new styles and fits in Sunflower's ever-present and classic leather program. The Short jacket is an instant classic with its heavy zips and easy-wearing fit. The leather program comes in 3 colours this season to suit your spring looks. Shirting plays an important role in any Sunflower wardrobe. This season, hand-woven Spacey Shirts are the main heroes, woven on a manual loom by artisan weavers. The Cayo Lace shirt, with its unique fabric, is a perfect shirt for spring and summer, both for casual summer wear and to dress up under a suit for those spring and summer nights. Another new fit in the range is the Coco shirt - a modern twist on a Havana shirt. It comes in a basket weave lux fabric in different colours or a bold check. Both Cayo and Coco are loose-fit and easy to wear all season. Denim continues in the loose fit, which is the new standard for Sunflower. This fit comes in the classic blues, black, and ecru. Collection 09 features a bleached, over-dyed indigo fog version and an all-over-printed novelty item. The cargo trousers are a seasonal addition to the range with their high-placed front pockets and wide legs. They come in a light garment-dyed twill with Sunflower metal trim closures. The style also has a short version for warmer days. Jersey mixes fabrics, colours, and artwork. Most noteworthy in collection 09 is the mesh jersey, which in its earthy colours is simultaneously casual and modern. The Jagger tee is a classic ringer tee based on the '60s and '70s most worn tee. We made it with contrast ribs and artwork in monochrome colours. With the dream of warmer days and better times, we look forward to spring and summer. Sunflower